encountering empathy

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Early this morning, I read this blog post by Alvan Yap, on Vox Nostra | A Voice of Our Own, the official blog site of the Disabled People’s Association, Singapore. A very simple reminder to me that empathic response is the easiest when one has shared a similar experience, when one is linked to another by some invisible but tangible thread of commonality. The opposite extreme applies, then, when there is no common space, no overlap, no understanding from within the interstices.

This of course set me thinking again about agency and how important it is in its role of drawing people from diverse perspectives and backgrounds together. A cogent agency is food. Of course. Nothing brilliant about this, really. Most people eat, and most people love to eat, even those who do not live to eat but merely eat to live.

So, here is my little offering of common space to everyone who chances upon my humble little ramblings. More ‘thrilling’ photos of foodie struggles of a poor Aspie scholar-on-a-tight-budget. I told the truth when I said to the lady at the pet food shop, “I would rather eat bacon all week than to deprive my Princess of goodies!” Bacon it is then – but not before the last bit of beef rendang!


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