deviant combination

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough resort to desperation. Well, it’s not as dire as it sounds, but here I am, at the end of my fragile little shoestring, and with not much tensility left until the next pay day. I must admit that I did overspend a tad on Lucy’s treats, but it was a hot day, I was running a fever, I had forgotten to order or buy her usual kangaroo meat for homemade jerky and she was all out of treats. What does a desperate mother do for her child? Well, I bought a bag of lamb treats, of course. To last us until I get my act together with the homemade stuff once more. As a consequence, this mum is back to bacon. Again. No surprises here. And before the vegetarian friends of mine shake their heads in horror, yes, I have also eaten up all the veggies and fruits in the wonderful Thoughtful Foods box and hence run out of veggie (except for one last courgette that I am saving for tomorrow and a couple of shriveling potatoes, the latter of which I don’t really consider veggie-like, if you know what I mean?).

What did I do that was so deviant today then? I made a batch of non-gluten naan bread. Tasted ok, but something strange happened to my taste buds. The minute I got through half of the first piece, my brain immediately turned against it’s own longing for naan, and decided to reject the rest. I couldn’t continue. Very odd, but this too is part and parcel of hypersensitivity. Sometimes, a strong sensory attraction to one thing can suddenly do a back flip and become an aversion. I know, my logical brain is now screaming, “Hey, what is going to happen to all the other naan then? Aren’t you going to eat it up? Non-gluten flour is expensive, you know?” You can’t win them all, can you?

To make matters worse, I experimented with – tada! – Bacon Rendang!!! Yes, you read right. Bacon with Rendang sauce. I do apologise to all food purists but hey, a girl’s gotta try all ways and means to keep her taste buds sufficiently entertained so that they don’t protest at the lack of gourmet food, right?

Feast your eyes – I can literally feel your horror! 🙂

P.S. To calm everyone’s feelings of outrage at my sensory disorder, I am including a very welcome poster I saw at the lift lobby of my university residences. At least I can look forward to a decently peaceful evening here after 11pm!


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