surprise box

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Upon moving into our new tiny abode, we immediately sallied forth to check out our surrounds. Well, the truth is, Lucy is the main reason I even venture outside of my home at all. She is the adventurous one, and of course there is the practical need to pee and poo. 🙂

Anyhow, on one of our little walks, we found the Thoughtful Foods co-operative, and, emboldened by the mere presence of the sweet, gentle and elegant Lucy, I decided to order a trial box. Now, us Aspies, we don’t like surprises. We like to order every little detail of our lives, but Lucy is teaching me about facing the unknown with equanimity, and even some measure of delight. Besides, the produce is organically and ethically grown, so we will be helping the little guys, like ourselves, rather than the big conglomerations that are feeding us plasticised food.

We picked up our small $20 box of mixed veggies and fruit on Thursday, which is the weekly collection day. The first to be devoured were the grapes – I haven’t had grapes in a long time, because of Lucy, and they being toxic to dogs, but since it was there in the box, I decided to quickly eat them all up at one sitting, careful not to drop any. They did’t look attractive at all, but were very tasty! I also ate one of the plums with Greek yoghurt. They were sweet, with good bite. I ate up the skin as well, as I don’t believe in peeling fruits unless the skins are not palatable (think citrus). I am not a fan of plums, but this one was really very refreshing and just sweet enough to be enjoyable. The tomatoes were the same – unattractive, quite tiny and scruffy compared to the nicely shining pumped up ones in the supermarket shelves. But oh so crunchy and flavourful! I’ve already cooked up the silver beet too. Very full bodied in texture and flavour, though a tad stringier than spinach, it was nevertheless very edible. I stirfried the leaves in with chicken and chye poh (a kind of salted, Chinese preserved vegetables). Delish!

Today I had the leftovers inside a sushi rice rolls.

In summary, some surprises can be fun after all. We don’t know what we will get in our boxes each week, but if the quality of the produce remained constant (i.e. no surprises) then I think I can easily learn to look forward to the unpredictable!


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