spice and pain

vegetarian mee siam goreng

vegetarian mee siam goreng

Today, we were met with three very pleasant encounters. Three different people chatted with us about Greyhounds, assistance dogs and remarked how lovely Lucy is. This mum is most chuffed and slightly puffed up with pride, of course. As soon as we got home, I was seized by a fit of sudden nostalgia, and a crazy desire for something spicy. So, I cooked Mee Siam Goreng today. I used half a Prima Taste Mee Siam Goreng spice pack, with three portions of Chang’s rice vermicelli and the rest of the frozen mixed veggie from Woolworths. Oh, and I also added two fresh tomatoes from yesterday’s box of organic veggies from the Thoughtful Foods co-op, and a small spoonful of preserved salted yellow soy bean. The tomatoes didn’t look as plump and glossy as the ones you find in the big shops, but they tasted more robust and flavourful! Lunch was a vegetarian one, as I was just too lazy to cook up any chicken. Well, it was really good, as is most of the Prima Taste range, but so super spicy that it triggered some really crazy pain in my too acute sensory system. Ouch! The pain was the kind that not only burnt your mouth inside out, but also, for me, the shooting flames went all the way up to my brain and created some interesting pyrotechnics up there. Headache ensued, but this is punishment for the willing – it was delicious!

The Foodie Aspie Bunny trundles indefatigably along the rocky road of advocacy and DIY gastronomy!


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