pancake obsession

More pancakes. This time, a Chinese version. Modified, of course. Non-gluten flour, warm water and coconut oil. That’s it! Easy peasy, innit? I got a small bunch of spring onions for just $1 at an Asian fruit and veggie shop down at Kingsford. Yes, I went walking without my Lucy. I don’t like the traffic along Anzac Parade, but that’s where a lot of shops are. Nevertheless, I still much prefer shopping in Bondi Junction. (There is something about this area that I never did like, and I still don’t, but I do love being on the university campus, so it’s all good!) After yesterday’s stress-filled experience on the bus, my poor Lucy deserves a good rest. I don’t want to over tax her sensory system just for my own comfort. It won’t feel good making her keep me company knowing that I am pushing her too hard.

Well, the pancakes tasted fine, but then again, I was hungry. Will keep trying, to perfect the texture though, this first attempt was a little powdery to the bite. Maybe the non-gluten flour does contribute to the variable from the norm? I think it’s more to do with my lack of culinary skill though.

I added cheese to one of them. For a bit of quirkiness. Tasty! Good enough for lunch today. With some reheated pork belly slices, pan fried with added apple cider vinegar. Miam!


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