Interview on Small Animal Talk

Portrait - Me & My gal

Our Interview with Dr. Ann Fawcett on Small Animal Talk

Here we are guys! Doing our bit for autism, service dogs and Greyhound advocacy, my Princess and I on Small Animal talk! It was a wonderful honour to be interviewed here and I hope we can help to generate more interest and understanding on the subject. (If you have a diagnosed condition and want to find out about getting a service dog or know someone who may do well with a service dog, please contact mindDog.)

P.S. Sorry this is a few days late. I thought I’d published this post but somehow it failed to load and remained in my drafts box until I noticed it today!


2 thoughts on “Interview on Small Animal Talk

  1. Great interview (and great photos! I love them!) It is so lovely to hear about your story with Lucy, especially having followed from the start when you fostered and see how beautifully it has unfolded and expanded over time.

    It is an interesting point that Lucy (and greyhounds in general) isn’t a barker. I love dogs but hate barking, especially sudden barks. They always give me a shock, and I get angry about the interruption. I know it is natural for dogs to bark, but our dogs aren’t allowed to bark except to warn when someone is approaching the house. One of my dogs (large heeler x) is by nature quite barky… She would like to stand in the yard and “long distance talk” with dogs in other yards in the neighbourhood regularly if she was allowed, and sometimes tries to get away with it … and I totally understand her need, since dogs don’t have phones and Internet, but I can’t accept it – it is too stressing, and I also don’t want my dogs to be a nuisance for the neighbours.

    That said, since I live in an outer suburb & run in the bush, part of my dogs’ “job” is to protect me when my husband travels overseas, so gentle, fragile, quiet dogs like greyhounds wouldn’t be the best fit for my needs… although I like their personality type(s) a lot.

    • Thanks for dropping by again! Yes, you do need more robust and protective dogs in your situation.
      Expanding on the above reply… (I was a tad groggy from exhaustion when I wrote that last night!) Barking doggies annoy me less than screaming children, but yes, the sudden barking or those who carry on protracted doggy-conversations can be extremely trying on the senses. I’ve lived with a variety of the sweetest woofers, but Lucy is by far the very best for me. Almost perfect, and the imperfections are there to make everything all the more wonderful and fun! 🙂

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