little scrapes

Do you have detail focus cognition too? Do you notice little things that nobody else around you does? Do these details, if out of place, irritate you a lot more than they do others? Welcome to the world of sweating the small stuff – detail focus cognition. It’s not exclusive to autism but it is a pervasive feature of autistic thinking.

Bug bear of the day? I cooked rice today, with braised pork belly in soy sauce and mixed veggie. Every time now I bring out the rice cooker, I become irritated and mildly upset.. You see, one of the people living in my house consistently used a metal spoon to scrape at my rice cooker. I do have a soft plastic spatula, the one that came with the cooker, but no, the person just couldn’t be bothered to use it. As a result, of course, there are scratches all over the bottom of the inner pot. It is my pot. I am not so freaky that I don’t want to share some things for common use, but it upsets me when people don’t bother to use my things in the way they were designed to be used. I cannot afford to buy a new one. Not yet. So, until I have money for the luxury of a brand new rice cooker, I will have to put up with my brain capturing the full impact of the little scrapes and scratches at the bottom of my pot, each and every time I use it.

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