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Don’t ask me where this title came from. Some strange recess in my mind, I know, but which one, I haven’t the foggiest. My brain is sludgy right now, and it’s not going to be the best of blog posts, I know, but let’s just give it a go, shall we?

I have been unwell. Nothing serious. Just painful. The old autoimmune thingummy again. The headaches are less excruciating for me than the mouth ulcers. Also terribly inconvenient because it hinders my enjoyment of food, of course. 🙂

So, remember the Hainanese Chicken Rice? Well, there were leftovers. So, I cooked congee out of it. Space constraints in the new teeny weeny studio means I have to learn how to be even more clever with organising and using a limited number of pots and pans. I used the rice cooker to cook the congee. Pour in water, add some stock powder, place two thin wooden skewers on the top and balance the lid on it. That way, steam can escape without the pot overflowing, and the congee can bubble without squeaking. (OK silly joke, ignore.) I shredded the chicken into the congee and voila! Chicken congee, what else?

I dislike congee, it reminds me of illness, but I have been unwell, and so tradition returns to the wee corners of my fizzly brain. The Chinese panacea for all woes – congee. Mine, however, is a little too rich for tradition, which is a plain white rice watery concoction rather than my fabulously tasty one, of course. Anyhow, it did the job. The texture of mixed rice congee is grainy and chewy, instead of the smooth white rice version. It’s the brown and especially red cargo rice, that refuses to break down as easily, which lends it the chewy texture. And a nuttier fragrance too. But the Hello Kitty almond jelly and mango lifted the soggy mood somewhat. So it’s all ok.

And I am getting better too. So, hopefully, we’ll be back on more interesting food soon.

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