comforting chicken

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More comfort food today. I shouldn’t feel ashamed. I eat to survive after all. I mean it. I enjoy eating so much that despite the pain filled days, I still manage to eat, eat, eat! I’d have starved myself into oblivion, or worse, into even more serious illness, if I wasn’t such a greedy foodie Aspie Bunny. Well today’s pain level is hovering around 8 on a scale of 1-10. Autoimmune flare up in multiple areas. We won’t go into that in great detail, nobody really wants to know such things, do they?

Here’s the good bit.

The prawn paste chicken thigh came out very nicely. That was dinner yesterday. Today, I cooked Hainanese Chicken Rice – well sort of. I used a packaged mix for the rice. Marinaded a few chicken thighs and cooked them separately in my little microwave roaster pot. This thing has been really useful, as I do not have space for an ovenette. The effect is similar to baking but I noticed that the meat is more tender now. Sometimes, pain also pushes me to do more, before I collapse in a heap. I dehydrated a batch of kangaroo patties for Miss Lucy. She loves jerky but I am loathe to buy from the shelves, because of all the unhealthy additives. So I made some in the dehydrator. I do not add anything at all to it, but that means it doesn’t keep for long. Princess is happy to help solve that problem! Well, of course we have to have dessert to, don’t we? Almond jelly with mango. Very soothing.

So, the yummies did help me to press on.

Now in bed with all my aches and pains etc blah, next to me is my beautiful Princess, she is ever so elegant and serene, and I know I will survive this pain flare up. Her emanating warmth and fragrant buzzy vanilla smell are such mood enhancers!


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