the last storm

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So, when the going gets tough (sensorially) the tough Aspie Bunny gets cooking! (And eating.)

Amidst the despair and endless daily cycle of frustration brought upon by a less than ideal living situation, I got cracking with the comfort foods. I think the stark contrast between the filth and mess that greeted me and the clean, neat surrounds that I enjoyed during my two week homeland visit made it all the more uncomfortable. I became Aspie-tongue-tied and went into a mental ‘lock-in’ – i.e. I didn’t know what to think or do, and how to function, other than running on auto mode.

And auto mode for this Aspie Bunny who is also an avid foodie, is to eat!

Here we are then. The final few adventures I had in my run down and never quite clean enough old kitchen. We’ve left that behind now. Four days in our new home and my sensory mood has perked up considerably, despite the hectic madness of packing, moving and unpacking. (Look out for more in my next post!)


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