Limau Kasturi & Coconut Water

Limau Kasturi & Coconut Water

Tired out from feasting, what a terrible thing to admit. Nothing like a piquant citrus drink, iced, of course. My favourite citrus is the Limau Kasturi. It is beautifully fragrant, less sour, more gentle, and yes, that word, “clement” – how does this Aspie get such associations, I wonder at myself. It is truly a ‘kinder’ lime. When I did a Google search, it says that Limau Kasturi is part of the Calamondin family, however, it is green, and doesn’t look anything like the picture in the Wikipedia description. Hmmm. Anyhow, it is the very best thirst quencher in my books! Here we are, I added it to coconut water, another favourite from the hot sunny tropics! Yummy combination of that slightly tacky sweetness of coconut water and the ’rounded’ mild tanginess of the lime juice.

And no, that is not a chocolate marshmallow, that is one of my sister’s two poodles watching my every move! The most adorable stalker, I must say.


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