dumpling attack

Nonya Bak Chang

Nonya Bak Chang

Do you fall into the trap of buying too much food when you are shopping on an empty tummy? Yup. Even Aspie Bunnies are prone to that very human trait!

We were having lunch in the East Coast, and walked by the famous Kim Choo shop, selling traditional Peranakan fare. I couldn’t resist the super fattening Nonya bak chang – glutinous rice pork mince dumpling. Of course, I ordered far more than I could eat, and spent the next few days gulping down this greasy, carb-loaded delight. I love the texture, the rice still distinguishable despite the soft gooey-ness, and of course the taste of that Nonya style minced pork filling harks back to childhood days.

Rice dumplings have a special place in Chinese history. It is traditionally eaten during the tune ng (Cantonese) / duan wu (Putonghua) festival. This is also popularly called the Dragon Boat Festival. Depending on which dialect group one hails from, the dumplings may be prepared in different ways. Here is a peep at the way they do it in Hong Kong, where I lived for some years. My preference is for the Nonya dumpling, created by the hybrid Peranakan culture. It is simpler, with fewer ingredients, but the taste is robust and I like the simplicity, i.e. not having too many different bits to chew and identify at one go.


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