super feast

Luncheon feast today at 1Market. I definitely had way too much to eat. A smorgasbord of different cultural offerings, tastes, textures, colours and smells. Flavours from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, India and more. My favorites? The light and spicy Thai salads and fresh prawns. I am far too stuffed to write a longwinded post about the gastronomic adventure. Suffice to say, I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Singapore. Oh and I should add that the tables are not so close together that one suffers from claustrophobia, unlike many other buffet restaurants. It wasn’t very noisy either. Aside from the odd one or two pushy greedy patrons jostling for the satay or curry, it was pretty peaceful. 🙂 Quite Aspie friendly, only moderately sensory challenging.

Do remember to call and make reservations in advance though. It’s a popular spot. If you are hypersensitive, ask for a table near the window. You get a view too, if you are not averse to some sunlight.


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