hot dog!

It was a hot and steamy night, we had the fan on but Lucy was still quite restless, poor baby. She went outside to sleep in the lounge room for awhile, but came back into bed just before it was time to wake up. I do wish I had the budget for an airconditioner. Anyhow, even if I could afford to buy a little portable unit, there is nowhere in the makeshift bedroom to place it. The only window I have in this stuffy room has been sealed shut. Not even a small hole for the air con outlet tube to go through. The previous occupant and owner must’ve been a paranoid old thing. Sigh. I feel so bad for the poor girls, especially my Princess, who is more delicate than the adorable but oafy Panda. The doggies feel the heat much more than humans do. They have sharper senses and higher body temperatures. Poor babies. Well, I guess it’s time for more chilled mango to share, and frozen delights! Of course, the girls had doggy versions of my chilled treats – no added salt or sugar, and definitely no bacon!



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