Asian Fusion

Asian fusion or confusion? I made Thai style basil chicken stir fry for our Saturday bruncheon. We ate it with baby spinach leaves and tomatoes. I do so love Thai fish sauce! I had seconds of course. Then there’s the kimchi craze all over again. I’ve been attacking the kimchi with vim and vigour. I’ve also been indulging in coconut water and coconut milk. And cream. Oooo, very fattening! Coconut cream is great in iced coffee. Irresistible miam! The weather has been dry and hot. Perfect for me, I love the heat but I hate humidity, and that was why I hated being in the tropics. Here, it is much drier but just as hot. Lucy doesn’t like it, and I don’t blame her. Greyhounds tend to heat up more than other dogs, and its bad enough being a dog in this weather. Of course, try walking on hot concrete bare foot! We are staying indoors.

This should provide good energy for work. Oui? Errrrr….


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