It was a cool day today, what a change from the previous week of sizzle! It rained a little, but not much. The forecast is for more rain in the weekend. Lucy and I enjoyed a long morning walk. I even fit in a visit to the post office to send off some snail mail. The post office here are dog friendly, they let us bring our pooches in. It makes perfect sense, really, so long as the doggies behave, why ever not? Lucy was the model of decorum. She even sank into her sphinx position while waiting patiently in line! On the way home, we stopped at my favourite cafe, Not Just Coffee, in Perry Lane, for a carrot cake takeaway. It is a real treat for me, forking out $3.50 for a cupcake that lasts a few seconds of pleasure! But they do the best carrot cupcake around here!

For lunch, I shredded the chicken wings I made yesterday, added some frozen corn and mixed rice, and popped it all into the microwave. Good stuff. I like leftovers!

Managed to get some reading done today. Lucy also enjoyed a fresh bone, together with Baby Harriet, the little Westie girl who is staying with us for a couple of weeks. The two girls were ever so good, no fighting at all, and when they’d had enough, they allowed me to take their bones away. No growling whatsoever! My friend Louise, Harriet’s mum, bought fresh beef for the girls, and they had it with some of the leftover rice and blended carrot. Lucy was very happy! What a treat. I would love to feed Lucy on a raw diet, but right now, on my meagre budget, it is out of my reach. She is a big girl. Very grateful for Louise’s generosity towards us.

Feeling really blessed right now. I have such good friends. It is strange, isn’t it, for a socially clueless Aspie Bunny, I have somehow managed to find such wonderful friendships. I do not feel deserving of them at all. Yet, they are here. I have nothing to offer them, yet they are here. I am not particularly sociable. But they are here. It must be my angel girl Lucy Lou. She has been such an amazing channel of blessing to me. I’d never have met these people were it not for her. Thank you Lucy, and thank you Providence for bringing me Lucy!


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