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Ah, it was yet another gorgeous day. The kind of day that definitely makes me fall in love all over again with this old dilapidated crumbling house! My friend Rick came armed with just the right sort of paraphernalia for yet another miniature barbecue. Stuff for creating the fire, of course, as well as cute little blobs of beef and a motley assortment of vegetables for human (and canine) consumption. Weather wise, it was warm but none of the searing heat or mugginess of the last few days. Perfection. And clemency!

This is one happy Aspie Bunny indeed. Rick had in a grubby ziplock bag a few globules of squishy marinaded beef. Thai fish sauce, tabasco, and other stuff of whatnots that I have by now forgotten, although he did tell me twice. Anyhow, what was important to this Aspie Bunny was that it was delicious! Yup. Super salty and juicy. Having marinaded (in that bag I suppose) all night, the meat had completely soaked up the intensity of the fish sauce. Rick didn’t want any. He ate the other blobs of beef that were not marinaded. So the yummy salty stuff was all mine. Miam! I added some Granny Smith apple to the veggie mix. As well as cloves of garlic. To keep hydrated, there was black tea with honey and frozen raspberries. I had mine iced. The many eclectic juxtapositions of taste and texture were rather a stroke of unplanned genius.

(Sorry, but I forgot to take any photos of the food – I was enjoying the eating and rambling too much to remember to document the visuals.)

Good friendships, interesting food, and entertainingly deviant conversation. The senses were pleased, as was the intellect. That’s what a great brunch is made of. Thanks again, Rick old chap!

P.S. Miss Lucy was the immaculate Princess, of course, the unparalleled vision of immaculate regal poise on my bright red cheap Ikea mat! Beauty!


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