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I need some pick-me-up therapy. What’s your strategy for self-comforting, how do you cheer yourself up after a stress filled, overloaded day?

Nobody from PCCW Netvigator has called me yet. I am not holding my breath. I don’t know how and when or if ever I will get my money back. It really can be such a draining experience talking to stupid people behind a faceless facade, backed by a powerful money-sucking corporation. Telcos. They are quick to sign you up, tie you down to contracts, grab your money and bill you for all kinds of things that you don’t want or even make you pay for their mistakes. But when it comes to getting them to do their jobs efficiently, or return your own money to you, it’s a monumental struggle.

I need stress relief therapy. Here is my strategy today.

1. Hug My Baby Girl – she is always the first step in my comfort strategy. Her soft, rich, velvet-silk coat is so luxurious to the touch. She is not the kind of dog who will launch herself at you for cuddle, rather, she is genteel and ever so sweet in the way she displays her affection. My baby is my perfect cuddle pup, just right for me.

2. Create a Pretty Bowl – the frangipane tree in the backyard has been shedding profusely. There are flowers everywhere. Sometimes in bunches. I picked up a few good ones and filled a bowl with them. Ah, lovely! They smell good too, but don’t put your nose too close if you have a hyper sense of smell. The scent is heavy and overpowering!

3. Pick Some Wild Flowers – I was walking Lucy and saw this pretty bunch of tiny yellow daisy-like flowers growing from a clump of weeds on a grass patch. I plucked them out and brought them home. They seemed to wilt in the heat, so I quickly put them into a washed tin with water, and they perked up immediately!

4. Tuck into good food, of course! The honey, sesame and soy sauce baked chicken wings were yummy, especially with warm corn. The marinade for the chicken wings – sesame oil, honey, a bit of brown sugar, and soy sauce.

Maintaining one’s equilibrium is a daily challenge, and especially more so when one has hypersenses. Strategy is ever so important, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “strategy

  1. Number 1. is my number one comfort strategy too. I have two of those, one is very soft and they are both very calming. Each has its own unique and incredible calming smell around the ears and neck which works on me pretty much like a relaxing drug (that was also the case with my old dog… it should be synthesised so people who don’t have dog could also benefit from the effect;-). They both have relaxing, feel-good personalities with plenty of dog-humour.

    Additional comfort strategies: just lay down comfortably and feel the weight of my body and my feet, sing/hum/move/touch surfaces as I please and forget about the world for as long as I need, usually help me get grounded again. Other things that can help sometimes: take a jog with the dog. Take a hot bath, and a cold shower afterwards. Write, play with illustrations/visuals or in other ways get absorbed into a pleasant task that lasts at least a few hours. Make order in something. Be outdoor, smell the wind et.c. And water: if I still had ocean access near-by then swimming in the ocean or an ocean pool would probably be number 1 on the list, depending on the location. Being in water is definitely the most effective comfort strategy I know.

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