Thank You!

It’s already New Year’s Day here in Sydney, Australia. Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you for following my little blog, sharing the quirky eats and dropping in to make a comment or two.

Amazing how time just zooms by. I still remember very clearly my first Christmas Day and New Year with my baby girl Lucy. Now, our second one has come and gone in a flurry!

Lucy’s beautiful face was the one that bade me good night in the final moments of 2013 and good morning in 2014. How blessed am I to have so much exquisite beauty always with me? My first breakfast of 2014 was a simple olfactory-gustatory-visual-textural combination microwaved frozen corn with butter and cheese, a sprinkling of sweet paprika, and a few corn chips thrown in for good measure.

2013 was a great year in many ways.

First, on the work front:

Three exhibitions. One solo exhibition and one group exhibition in Sydney, and a very exciting group exhibition in Newcastle, Australia. The latter provided a perfect opportunity for me to visit a beach in Australia for the very first time too! And Newcastle beach is lovely. I made a mental note to return.

One installation-performance in Cardiff, U.K. at a prestigious international event.

conference paper presented in Oxford, U.K. and a paper published in an international journal.

Two more lectures on my experiences from inside Asperger’s Syndrome at the School of Education, UNSW, on invitation by my lovely friend, Iva.

Then at home:

Moved house, from a tiny studio flat to an old dilapidated terrace house, in the middle of a terribly wet and cold winter.

Scraped, cleaned, trashed, painted, and had a lot of fun despite the hard work.

Struggled through two horrible house-mate terrors. The Nasty Bratty Brat and the Extreme Neurotypical Bulldozer. The latter was far worse, because he had a veneer of sociable amiability but was pushy, intrusive, encroaching and won’t take No for an answer. Still, these were good lessons learned.

Finally got to properly enjoy the old house come Christmas. Then a girl friend moved in, and she is lovely, so all is well.

Friendships and Connectedness

Some acquaintances became real friends, Lucy found herself a very precious Godmama, and we made a few new friends. Of course, the very lovely reunion with old friends in Oxford, U.K. was the highlight of my working trip to the U.K. A few relationships shifted in time and space, close friends drifted away, and not so close friends grew fonder. At the end of the year, I was glad to be reconnected with old schoolmates from Grade School and Junior HIgh School years. Thank you, Facebook! I am glad for connections and connectedness, because friendship is important, even to an Aspie Bunny!


It’s funny but Lucy has taught me to always be grateful. I have learned from her how to be thankful for the moment, in the moment and because of the moment. We never know what life may spring us around the corner. Why be angry and unappreciative? Even the frustrating horrors were opportunities to learn and practice gratitude,

I am ever grateful for Lucy. She is my best and most faithful companion.

I am grateful for my work and for opportunities to work. Everything in my life is an interwoven thread in my work, and vice versa. I live a very full life at last and I must not forget to be grateful for this.

I am grateful for recognition and respect of my neurodiversity and my intrinsic abilities and the contributions I can make to the world around me, even in only small ways.

I am  grateful for good friends on so many different dimensions and planes. I am well cared for in every way.

I am grateful for kind and decent landlords who have been very fair to me. A safe roof over my head is important.

Of course, I am grateful towards Divine Providence for all the wonderful gifts I have though undeserved.

Thank you, everyone who featured in my 2013!

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