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Time for celebrating! So, the Bulldozer has left the house. Not a minute too soon. It was Christmas Eve when he left. I immediately set about redecorating and tidying the lounge area and bathroom. Been too uninspired and even depressed to make the home pleasant when the Bulldozer was around. He was like a bad odour that seeped into every nook and cranny, triggering mental, sensory and even physical nausea. Nails on the proverbial blackboard! But he is gone! Hurrah! Well, no, I don’t have money to splash on new stuff, so I just used whatever I had to brighten up the walls and the surrounds. My performance and installation dresses, fabric and other little things did a decent job of it.  There is now some colour, cheer, texture and an element of fun in the lounge room. I actually do use it and enjoy it. And so does Lucy! I did buy an air freshener diffuser for the bathroom, though. Just to get rid of the rancid smell of the Bulldozer’s disgusting bath mitt, and the doggy smells coming over through the opening in the ceiling between our bathroom and the house next door. They have 8 dogs – so you can imagine the smell! I also put up a new shower curtain – the previous one suddenly and mysteriously grew mouldy and stained. Happened to coincide with the advent of the Bulldozer. Ugh. Bathtub all scrubbed and rid of Bulldozer grease and grime too. I even managed the energy to paint one side of the screen that a homeless friend had picked up for me. It will be very useful.

My girlfriend moved in a couple of days later. Her cute little westie and my Lucy are making good use of the newly revived space too! The house is at last a home, run down and shabby as it is, it feels “right!”

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