chicken mince porrdige

chicken mince porrdige

So, after the Christmas fun and all that over eating, I thought I’d try and settle the old tum with some good ol’ traditional Chinese rice porridge. OK, so not all that traditional, since I mixed the white rice with brown and red cargo, but it served it’s purpose anyway. The mixed rice was cooked beforehand, and all I did was add water and boil it up again. I topped the porridge (congee) with the Thai style minced chicken stir fry, so it was a dish of leftovers. I do like leftovers, some dishes do become somewhat fuller and tastier after they’ve sat for a bit in the fridge. And the texture was interesting, very different from plain white rice porridge / congee, which is smooth and silky, but this one was slightly crunchy from the red rice and grainy from the brown. The Thai fish sauce, basil, lemon grass and mint flavoured minced chicken provided added zest to the otherwise bland bowl of goopy mix. Tummy all settled!


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