Christmas with Lucy

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It was a busy Christmas this year. My wish to enjoy Christmas alone with Lucy was not granted, but we had a fabulous time anyway. It rained all day. Wet, wet, wet. I remember last year was overcast too, with some light drizzle, but it wasn’t as wet. This year, after a simple breakfast of kibble and chicken for Lucy and bacon and egg with Kaya toast for me, which I enjoyed in the lounge room on my brand new super sized bean bag from Target, I set about cleaning the front porch. It’s an old dilapidated house, nothing much can be done to beautify it, but a cursory cleaning with cleaning spray and water did help brighten the entrance quite a bit. It felt much cheerier. Or maybe everything just feels so much brighter since the Bulldozer left? Anyhow, cleaning the porch on Christmas Day was great, the street was deadly quiet and I could brush away in peace without passersby gaping at me or being annoyed at my splashing about. Talking about splashing, I also managed to do a quickie job at sealing up the gaps at the kitchen sink.

We had Christmas lunch at Lucy’s Godmama’s home. A delicious spread of turkey, ham and champagne, complete with pudding afterwards. There were a few family members present, and I did feel quite overwhelmed towards the end, but it was not distressing. Lucy loves being in her Godma’s lovely home, and there was a little doggy there who followed her around. It was around 5pm when we finally made our way home. We took a detour and visited another friend, where Miss Lucy did suffer a bit of sensory shock – first the strange metal stairs with holes all over somewhat unsettled her, and then two little pooches who weren’t exactly friendly sort of spooked my gentle little lady. But she took it in her stride, like the typical royal girl that she is. There was even a lorikeet to keep her entertained! We beetled home in the rain, Lucy in her red raincoat and I with my purple brolly. My lovely friend packed some yummy turkey for Lucy and she had a late dinner at home. We were tired out, but happy.

Today, Boxing Day, we woke up an hour later than usual, at 6.30am. The little miss was feeling lazy and we played for awhile in bed before breakfasting. It was fun walking along Oxford Street, which was suddenly almost deserted and ever so quiet. We bumped into a little doggy friend and his parents, and chatted a bit. There was a very friendly man who stopped to pat Lucy and say hello too. At the deli, we met one of Lucy’s favourite people, our friend Tony and his two cranky old pooches, the adorable Liam and Muffin, a border collie and a tiny little shihtzu (I think?). Tony held Lucy’s leash while I dashed into the deli to pick up a roast chicken for lunch. My friend Rick was coming over to help me hang a screen door.

Once home, I cleaned up the bathroom, in readiness for another house guest, a girl friend and her darling westie Harriet and lorikeet Spud, who will move in tomorrow and stay for a couple of weeks. The bathtub was a right mess, but I managed to scrub off the goop that the Bulldozer left behind. I also put up a brand new shower curtain, to celebrate his departure.

The screen door experiment was a failure, but Rick and I had a good lunch anyway. It’s always fun with Rick around.

We are now quite exhausted. But happy. It wasn’t a quiet Christmas, but Lucy and I did enjoy ourselves nevertheless. And now, looking forward to New Year’s Day, and ushering in 2014 – together of course!


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