I received my very first Christmas gift today. A very precious one. A bunch of white roses, slightly fading but still intact and lovely, from one of my homeless friends. He picked them up from somewhere. He’s very clever at picking up things that people discard. Good things. My garden chairs are two very sturdy wooden folding chairs – from him. He’s given me a number of very useful things, from his forays. Thank you so much, my friend, for having me in mind, and making that effort.

It will be a sweet Christmas after all. I am now looking forward to it. The Bulldozer has moved out at last. A day early. I am beside myself with glee! We will have Christmas lunch at my Princess’ Godma’s home tomorrow. Then back home to enjoy the little quiet nest I’ve tidied up and redecorated with whatever existing material I have. My favourite red feathered gown now hangs on the wall, along with other little things. I’ve put out tiny solar lights too. The lounge room light has blown and is unusable, it keeps tripping the fuse, but the landlord feels it isn’t cost effective to call in the electrician to repair it. So, to celebrate the return to calm and peace in my own home, I nipped out this morning to buy a light holder, and the nice man at the Mitre10 shop suggested I’d save some money if I bought an extension plug, cut off the end and fixed it to the socket, instead of buying a length of wire and a plug. I did just that. Voila! There shall be light in the lounge room tomorrow.

For tonight, I am just going to enjoy the darkened room with a few solar lights and one tiny bedside lamp that I have hidden behind the telly. I shall also sit on my brand new beanbag, and eat my Christmas Eve dinner there!

And, a thought for those who wish to have company, but do not have the luxury of friends and family around them. I am not lonely, I love being on my own, but I am aware that there are many people out there who are wretchedly lonely, especially during festive seasons. Christmas is one of the worst times of year for them. This post by Aspie blogger Lynne Soraya reminds me to think of those who are not relishing their aloneness. I am thinking of the lonely as I enjoy my isolation. I am not really alone, I have my baby girl Lucy, and I have my sensory space that I now can enjoy without disturbance. But my thoughts will be with my homeless friends: two are recuperating from an operation, one has just reappeared only to disappear again, and my friend who gave me the roses, because a good friend of his just passed away and he is struggling with grief and other mental demons. I did invite him to my place for a meal or a few more, but he is a proud and solitary person, and he comes and goes as he pleases. He will appear when and if he does. I say a prayer for all of them. Keep well this Christmas, my friends!

To the rest of you, a lovely Christmas with your friends and family. 🙂


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