bitter crunch

I love bitter melon / bitter gourd. And I like it crunchy. I found some at the Thai fruit and vegetable shop in Bondi Junction the other day. I just had to buy one! I cooked it today, with preserved salted black soy beans. High heat, oil, add the beans, then the thinly sliced melon, and stir fry. The black soy beans are very salty, so go easy on them if you don’t like your food with too much sodium. The beans also give off a sharp, piercing, pungent smell, which is less pleasant when not cooked, but amazingly delicious once fried or steamed as an accompaniment to a dish. I had it at lunch with noodles and a sprinkling of minced chicken with Thai fish sauce, basil and lemon grass. The basil and lemon grass are home grown, of course. Then again at dinner, but this time just microwaved with two slices of bacon (cut up). For dessert, I ‘saved’ the previously baked carrot cupcakes from the tip by recycling them with Kaya jam. Yum!


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