round and round

TNT parcel merry go round

TNT parcel merry go round

I have been looking forward to receiving my package from Kmart online. When the email came that the parcel had been sent out, and I saw from the first tracking note that it was at the depot in Enfield, Sydney, and was scheduled to arrive on 19 December 2013, I was quite excited. However, this was not to be. The parcel seemed to go back and forth, round and round, and the last entry shows that it has been “Left on Dock.” I really don’t know what it means, but the visual image it conjures in my mind is a lonely little parcel, left on the loading dock, lost and forlorn, and here I am, wondering what in the world is happening to my shopping! There are things in that package that I really need to use around the house. I do hope it arrives before Christmas.

I also hope the Bulldozer leaves before Christmas.


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