We had a little barbecue today. It is Saturday, our usual bruncheon tete-a-tete session. My friend Rick brought prawns. The barbecue was easy. Rick had  the right equipment – a good pack of starters and charcoal that burned easily. The fire started well enough, requiring only a little restart at the beginning. The smoke was bearable too, it didn’t smell too overpowering at all, which was great for me, because I had been suffering from a severe migraine and sore, swollen throat since morning. (I took two panadol, and Rick’s good company must’ve helped to dispel the bad vibes, because the migraine settled down into an almost imperceptible hum thereafter.)

We used the mini barbecue pot that I’d bought online. It was a sort of christening, I guess. I like this type of christening! This was a special project – Rick mentioned the idea of prawns wrapped in bacon, and I suggested a barbecue. Great combination, as it happened. No need for marinade. My cheap and not so nasty bacon from Aldi did the trick. The prawns didn’t shrivel, they remained rather succulent. Yes, I had the pleasure of rolling the prawns up and putting them into the skewers. I have to admit, despite the awful greasy feeling in the fingers, the process was really most enjoyable, almost therapeutic!

I cut up half a sweet potato, wrapped the bits in foil and put them on the grill. Of course, there was an attempt at marshmallows at the end, but I didn’t manage to get that crisp outer layer quite right.

The weather improved greatly today. There was a gentle but perceptible breeze, which cooled the air a lot, making it the perfect day for an outdoor bruncheon. Sans the Extreme Neurotypical Bulldozer. Anywhere in my house without that disturbance is bliss to me these days. My lovely backyard has been all but taken over by him, always occupying the space and filling it with his thick ciggy smoke. Today, he was at work and so I could enjoy it without the threat of him coming to sit with us and lighting up, and trying to join in our conversation with his banal interjections. Phew!

I always look forward to the little weekend bruncheons with my friend Rick. It is ever so wonderful to have decent, intelligent company, enjoyable chitchat without the looming burden of having to make meaningless babble, and without having to concentrate on the rubbish that ‘normal’ social people talk about, while pretending that I am at all interested. With my friend Rick, I can say what I am thinking, whenever I am thinking it. I can use proper vocabulary that comes naturally to me, without having to ‘tune down’ or go into ‘simple speak’ mode. I cannot claim that we always engage in profound dialogue on the grand issues of the universe, well, actually we usually don’t, but our prattle is at least interesting to me. I am not so sure what my friend makes of it all, but I am the clueless Aspie, and I seldom stop to wonder, unless I am perplexed. In this case, I am not perplexed, and Rick hasn’t yet run for the hills, so I guess there must be some measure of fun for him too?

Anyhow, the food was good. The company great. The cleaning up minimal. Most clement indeed. Yup!

And Lucy lay on the outdoor mat like a sweet, patient greyhound. She didn’t beg or counter surf too much, perhaps it was just too hot? She had half a banana as a treat and reward for being such a good girl!


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