doggy nosh

doggy nosh

doggy nosh

I’ve been so worried and anxious since my baby Lucy developed the ouchies in her front left paw. Yesterday was so bad, she refused to step out of the front porch for her night stroll, which she usually loves. She didn’t have a pee or poo until after breakfast this morning. I was worried sick all night. This morning, Lucy’s Godmama came and took us to the vet, patiently waited for ages until we were done, and then took us home. There was an issue with my Visa debit card, it was strange, because I still had more than enough money in my bank account. I think I had forgotten to transfer the money to the account that was linked to the debit card. Godmama paid in cash on my behalf. Most embarrassingly, I plain forgot to repay her on our way home. 😦 Shall have to make a trip to the ATM and drop off the money asap at her home. I hate to be tardy in repaying what I owe, even if it is among good friends.

I am extremely grateful for wonderful friends. And the friends I have made here in Sydney were all connected through Lucy. Yes. Lucy. Lucy’s Godma ranks among the top drawer. We bumped into each other while I was walking Lucy and she was walking her foster greyhound. She said hello to us at the traffic crossing. We connected, and she is now one of my most valuable friends!

I have nothing to offer most of my friends. I am not sociable, I don’t invite them over to my home for anything, I decline most of their invitations. The only treasure I have to share is Lucy. She is the most valuable of all that I have.

The good news is that nothing’s broken, no fractures, but just possibly a sprain somewhere in the two front toes. The bad news is I am $350 out of pocket, until and if the insurance claim is approved and reimbursed. In my current situation, $350 is a lot of money to be short of. But Lucy is worth far more than the embarrassment and inconvenience.

My baby ate her dinner quickly today. I embedded the prescribed NSAIDs from the vet into the yummy green tripe bits. I added raw blended kale and carrot. She gobbled it all up. I think she is feeling much better now. She even attempted to do a zoomie and played with her teddy. I stopped her from the zoomies, of course. No crazy movements until she is healed.


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