My baby is in pain. I am not sure what is wrong, I’ve felt all over her left front paw, the one she holds up and doesn’t want to put pressure on. I cannot find anything amiss. Except for a little flinch when I press on one of her toe pads. I am hoping it is just a corn and nothing more serious. A myriad horrors lie out there in the greyhound forums. This mum is extremely anxious now and I am trying my best to keep calm. It is hard to do so when someone you love and are responsible for has the serious ouchies.

My baby is such a sweetie. She may scream the greyhound scream of terror at the slightest little bit of pain or discomfort, but when she is really suffering, she is silent and ever so stoic. Elegantly so too. This was a silent, stoic one, that is why I am extra worried now. I can hear that her breathing has changed, it is a little more laboured. Her mood is also somewhat melancholic and the expression in her eyes tell me something is wrong. She is now sleeping in bed, our bed, but I had to fluff up the quilt and pillow for her because she couldn’t manage it with her sore paw.

I’ve been under the weather too. All that stress from the Bulldozer’s little constant episodes of invasion and intrusion, pushing and rattling at my personal boundaries, stepping into my physical and mental space, has taken its toll on me. I too have the ouchies – but somehow, my ouchies worry me less than my baby’s.

Well, there is always food. Even my baby is a foodie!

I made a batch of chicken liver and carrot treats for her. Didn’t have the energy to photograph them yet. Will post up a photo if and when I am up to it. I ran out of steam after that short burst of inspiration. I had intended to bake some carrot cupcakes for myself, complete with coconut cream! Ah well, it will have to wait for another day. Besides, my inspiration bubble burst when the body of Bulldozer loomed and hovered around the kitchen, and he began trying to engage me in meaningless babble. Then his friend came to visit and even though they were in the backyard (because I’d told him to go there, as I will be using the kitchen) I somehow just felt too suffocated to engage in anything as energetic as carrot cupcakes with coconut cream!

So, I had yesterday’s leftovers for lunch and dinner today.

I made minced beef and spinach flaky pastry rolls for lunch with my friend Rick yesterday. We also had a tomato, fresh herbs and Thai fish sauce salad on the side, and raspberry ice cream for dessert. It is fun to use the herbs I’d grown – lemon grass, basil and mint! I added some cranberries for texture and colour. I didn’t bother with the salad today. I wasn’t even sensorially strong enough to cut a tomato.

I hope tomorrow will be better for both my baby and me. Her wonderful Godmama will take us to the vet in the afternoon. I just have to survive tonight (the Princess refused to go out for the night stroll, and hence has not pee-d or poo-ed) and tomorrow morning. I am hoping she will pee and poo in the backyard either tonight or tomorrow morning. Will have to be vigilant tonight and wake up if she decides to hobble to the backyard for a pee or poo. Wish us good luck!


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