It was pork belly week. Yes, how did you guess, pork belly was on special! I marinated it with light soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil, apple cider vinegar and Italian mixed herbs – an east-west blend, I guess? Actually, I was just using whatever I had in the kitchen that came to mind at that moment! I topped it with some sea salt crystals, and put it into the oven at low heat, around 150C for half an hour, then high 220C for ten minutes to give the skin and fat some crackle. Not very successful with the crackle thus far. I should read up more on how to do it.

Pork belly is a traditional favourite of the Chinese. Some day, I should cook the old dark soy sauce pork belly with cloves and aniseed. Anyhow, this was good for a few delicious meals. The mushrooms were getting a little worn, so I cooked them with cheese. The first slice of pork belly went well with this. I do eat instant noodles when I am too lazy to spend much time in the kitchen, and pork belly came to the rescue, of course. Sliced and blanched bok choy added some crunch to the ensemble. I found really cheap South East Asian cucumber in Harris Farm, and in a fit of madness, I bought 3! Two are still in the fridge, waiting patiently. Cucumber is refreshing and versatile, it is another favourite in South East Asia. Of course, it went perfectly with the pork belly! Then I felt adventurous and fried up the packet of Hokkien noodles, attempting the char kway teow that I love so much from back home (but inevitably feel quite sick after eating). It didn’t come out quite right, but it tasted good anyway. Stress eating is bad for you, so we are told, but there we are, I’ve been indulging in food to calm my fraught nerves. Apart from struggling with too many changes lately, I’ve been under a lot of social stress at home – yes, social interaction overload. Too much obligatory meaningless chitchat at home, I have been feeling like a thin fragile rubber band being stretched, without knowing when the snap-point will come. Home should be a place of solitude, repair, renewal – and for autistics with hyper acute senses, this means isolation, as much as possible. But it has not been possible for me lately. 😦 Someday, I dream of having enough money to rent a home all to myself. Ideally, a good friend will live next door or very nearby, so he / she can check on me every so often to make sure I am alive and have not fainted in the bathroom and rotting there or something ghastly like that. For now, I have no choice but to soldier on and do my best to quell the crescendoing silent scream.

Food helps! And Lucy too, though that is presently complicated by the presence of Panda, but Panda is such a darling, who can be upset with her? It’s human interaction that is most wearying.


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