Just a few years ago, I’d never have thought that, some day, fresh salmon (or any fish or seafood) would become a luxury. Well, it has. The irony is that here in Australia, my favourite Aussie salmon is cheaper than back home. Sometimes, Harris Farm even has a special for smoked salmon, 1kg of the delicious stuff for just AU$19.90! Ah, but cheaper does not mean affordable, no ma’am! Not on this poor scholar’s budget anyway. OK, so I do indulge every so often, and recently, it’s been more often.

Why the need for this extravagance? Erm, here’s the excuse. Blame it on a surge of anxiety and stress triggered by all kinds of recent changes in my daily life. People with autism particularly dislike our routines disturbed. Nobody does, I hear you say. Well, yes, but the need for structure, routine and balance is much more crucial to us, and any change or disturbance can have very stressful and sometimes even damaging repercussions. I could cite a slew of scholarly articles, but that may be too boring to read, so here is a short informative article by a parent of an autistic child, which you can peruse in a minute, “Autism: routine is more than a need.

Anyhow, so this super stressed foodie Aspie chick of course reaches out for comforting sensory stimuli, and what better thing than food? Two slices of salmon for just AU$7.90 at Aldi. Yum!



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