It’s freezing cold today. The rains are welcome, after the long period of dry and hot weather triggering massive bush fires. On the home front, however, my girls are not exactly pleased. Granted, some greyhounds do take to water, but these two are definitely not in that genre. Last night, it was drizzling quite heavily, though not quite yet a shower, I let the girls out into the backyard after dinner, but they just stood at the doorway, staring at the raindrops and resolutely unwilling to go out. A few hours later, just before bedtime, I tried again – this time, they did venture out, and Panda managed a long pee and one poop, but Miss Lucy did a quick tour of the grass patch and promptly headed back into the kitchen.

The same thing happened this morning, before and after breakfast. It is frustrating. Not just because I wipe their dirty, muddy paws (which do become extremely mucky because of the rain) each and every time they go outside and come back in, but also very worrying, because every time it rains, that Miss Lucy just refuses to do her pee and poo. I don’t like her keeping it in for such long stretches of time. Now, Panda has decided to follow suit.

My own sensory balance has been thrown into disarray too. It really isn’t all that cold, going by the temperature reading alone, but my senses decide to take umbrage anyway. I get cold induced headaches and numb feet all too easily. I am right now suffering from numb feet, and have been stumbling around on what feel like stumps – is this a sensation somewhat close to that of a person wearing prosthetics, I wonder?

For breakfast, I thought I’d have something piping hot, to try and agitate the nerves in my feet out of their somnambulistic state. I heated up a small bowl of the mushroom and parmesan gluten free pasta that I cooked yesterday. It helped a little, I can now feel some sort of sensation in my feet. There is still one more slice of the salmon from yesterday’s cooking foray. I’ll have that for an early lunch. Cold makes me feel ravenously hungry. Oh, and now that some sensation is returning to my feet, maybe I can afford to indulge in some tomato salad too? Mmmmmm, any excuse for food!


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