strange surrounds

We have a new addition to our little home. This is Panda, a two year old female greyhound, our new foster doggy from Greyhounds as Pets, NSW. She is a lovely, sweet and affectionate girl, and I am positive that she would do very well in a happy, loving family. Today is just her second day with us, and there is so much that she has had to accustom to, just within the last 24 hours or so.

Our home, any home, is a strange place to her, having probably spent her life in a kennel setting. Apart from strange smells, sounds and sights, she has had to deal with traffic noise, new humans, different feeding schedule, and sleeping in a bed without the confines of a crate. She was spooked by a loud trundling bus this morning at the traffic crossing, and I had to hold on tight to her, lest she slip her collar, and managed to hug her and calm her down. I foolishly attempted to take her to the Paddington Market, but we made it only to the edge. She was terrified, it must have felt like sensory overload to her, poor girl. Thankfully, we made it home safely, with me talking to her all the way to soothe her, and probably sounding like a crazy woman talking to her pooch! I will walk her in quieter streets from now on, until she is more used to the sights and sounds of the busy city.

Last night, she paced around quite a bit, unsure and insecure. I am not supposed to allow her onto my bed, as her future family may not take kindly to having dogs in bed. She is quite an insistent and strong girl, although she is very placid. I have to very firmly and gently lead her off the bed each time she tries to climb in. Lucy has been helping to guard the bed too, which is good, nothing like a growling older Diva to put the youngster firmly in place! I have to suppress the urge to laugh, though, when I thwart her attempts, because she will drop into submissive position, turn her head and rub her face against me, nuzzling me and pleading to be allowed into our cosy warm nest. Well, I remained resolute, and she finally settled into the Snooza dog bed next to our bed, with her head resting on the edge and her nose blowing hot air into my face. The amusing thing is that when we woke up this morning, I saw that Panda had moved from the Snooza to the cheap Kmart dog bed at the foot of our bed. So much for expensive, fancy dog bedding! Chuckles.

As I expected, my Princess isn’t all too happy. Panda is a bouncy, fun pup, while Miss Lucy is the elegant, genteel Princess Diva. There were a few growly episodes, when Panda stepped on Lucy and when she tried to join Lucy in bed. Right now, I am wondering if I should be getting Panda a crate to sleep in, just so she could have something familiar and her own confined space during the night? We’ll see what happens tonight.

My own senses are overloaded. I did expect exertion, but I wasn’t prepared for an autoimmune flare up at this time. I must’ve stressed my body too much during the few days I spent slaving away in the garden in the blazing sunshine and heat.


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