summer eats

So, what does a foodie Aspie do when stressed? Cook and eat, of course!

That was just an excuse, really. Yes, the Bratty Lodger Saga has been stressful, and a slow, long drawn one too, but he is leaving tomorrow evening, so that will spell the end of one little chapter, and the beginning of another one. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly the Housemate from Hell – I’ve lived with worse people in far more dire conditions, but I shall not wax lyrical about those monsters of years past in this post. This is about food.

What have I been up to, food-wise, lately? I do apologise, I realise my recent posts have not been about food all that much, and I know most humans love food, a commonality shared across cultures and neurological hardwiring!

So here is a catch up all-in-one post of the food I’ve been whipping up since returning from the UK.

I love the bean sprouts from Harris Farm – they seem to be the same as those in Coles, but somehow, they are cheaper in Harris Farm and fresher. I wonder why? Yes, I reprised one of my favourites, stir fried bean sprouts with rice vermicelli, the down-home poor man’s meal. Of course bacon features highly in every budget conscious student’s food list, and my biggest sin is that I love the fat slices! The budget bacon at Aldi is even cheaper than the one in Coles, so all the more reason to eat bacon, right? I also bought a whole lot of Asian greens from Harris Farm. The issue I have had with the Asian greens here in Australia is that they are grown far too large, and hence end up being stringy and dry. Anyhow, desperation is not very discriminatory. So, yes, I’ve been cooking up a lot of choy sum etc! I do so love kale too, and when sliced thinly and tossed in a quick stir fry in coconut oil, it’s super fragrant and yummy-crunchy! Taste and texture combined in a glorious burst of pleasure! 🙂 Another thing I tried to do was Chinese style roast pork, you know, the crackly skinned stuff that you get in dim sum restaurants? Well, I found a how-to video on youtube, and thought I’d try it out. The result wasn’t ideal, I think I used the wrong cut – I used pork shoulder instead of belly, so maybe there wasn’t enough of that so-essential layer of fat? The skin was crunchy but it tasted good anyway. I also made char siew, but I am not fond of the prepared mix that I used. I think I shall try another brand, maybe the Lee Kum Kee char siew sauce in a bottle the next time around?

Tangerines and oranges are in season here now, super sweet – the oranges are great for juicing too, and the mini tangerines are really very darling. Roast pork, char siew and bacon taste great with orange and tangerine, by the way. Try it, and let me know what the experience was like for you?

I rediscovered frozen veggies – cheap and they keep for longer in the fridge. I was inspired by the oyster sauce stir fried mixed veggie I had in Newcastle, and I have been repeating the dish over and over since returning to Sydney. More variations on the same theme.

And then there is Mee Siam! Of course, Prima Taste mix is the very best and most authentic, especially for lousy chefs like me, who do not know how to cook the delicious stuff from scratch. Mee Siam with chicken patties with chopped chestnuts, anyone? Mee Siam with anything is great!

This is it for now. More to come later…


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