stress release

Kimchee, bacon & okra stirfry

Kimchee, bacon & okra stirfry

I will be most relieved when the bratty lodger finally leaves. He’s told me it will be this Thursday – terrific, just three more days to go!

I guess it came as a shock to him that I would ask him to leave. He was petulant and sulky, going on about how it is so difficult for him now, with only 6 weeks left in Sydney, where is he going to go? Then he began to demand that I buy his furniture, since it is difficult for him to sell the stuff at such short notice. Sigh. People like him perplex me. Why whinge and complain so much if you do not want to leave? Why make so much noise yourself if you are noise sensitive? And a slew of other mysteries, which are too boring now to list (since he is leaving anyway). Yup, he threw a huge tantrum when I refused to buy his furniture – he stomped around the house even louder than usual (which is very loud), slammed every single door he could lay his hands on, including my new fridge, and banged away at everything he was using in the kitchen. What an unhappy person he must be. But I have no pity for his kind, special needs or not, he is a brat and a bully. Not someone I want anywhere near me.

My friend, who is now my housemate, had a very concise illustration: “He’s painted himself into a corner.” Yup. Indeed. It’s a visual image I can easily conjure up, with The Brat in a corner, in the midst of an almighty paroxysm! 😀

On hindsight, anxiety and stress levels have been building up since The Brat moved in, but I just kept telling myself to adjust, give him leeway, look the other way, shrug it off, and adapt – all the subconscious and conscious self-intervention techniques I learned and acquired in a lifetime of accommodating others above myself, in typical female Aspie fashion. Anyway, no more of that where The Brat is concerned. Nobody frightens my Princess Lucy that way and gets away with it! (Isn’t it amazing that it was Lucy who made realise what a horrible person the lodger is and that that I had endured his bullying for far longer than I should have?)

Well, to relieve some of the recent stress, I’ve been doing that thing again: cook! (And eat, of course.)

Did I mention that The Brat hated the smell of my kimchee dishes? He screwed up his nose, grimaced and made a sarcastic comment, “Wow, that smells so good!” – but I am not very good at subtle sarcasm and reading people’s faces, so I just replied, “Oh yes, it’s delicious!” I think that riled him a lot, because his grimaced became even more pronounced. I only realised the implications of his comment and his facial expression upon recall. Heh heh heh! Now that made me grin! Well, I love kimchee, so here they are, variations around kimchee!


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