salmon spree

More stress relieving coping strategy – I have suddenly developed a craving for salmon, despite it being a little costly for my budget. I usually prefer smoked salmon to cooking fresh salmon, but this time, all I could think of was a nice juicy piece of salmon panfried in coconut oil! Yes, you read right, coconut oil. It retains heat well and hence I could get that crispy texture in the salmon skin. I love the skin when it is crispy! My simple marinade is a few dashes of Thai fish sauce and this time around, because it was there already, a sprinkling of mixed herbs. The coconut oil also lends a very special sweet aromatic ‘aura’ to the rather heavy oily fish.

Three variations on the same theme. All yum. The fourth slice went to Lucy – no marinade, no salt, just panfried in a little coconut oil. She loved it!


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