Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets – My Top 5 Stalls

A great post from Lazy Girl Fitness – go on, then, head over to the Eveleigh Markets! (It’s Saturday today!!!) On the sensory discussion, I do hate crowds, but somehow, when I am in a farmer’s market, the sights, smells and alluring potentials for conjuring of gastronomic delights somehow combine to create a little bubble of ecstasy in my head. The sensory overload is inevitable, of course, but somehow, it always feels worth it when I get home and look at my stash! Go on, then, what are you waiting for?

lazy girl fitness

I’m a bit of a sucker for an open air market… there’s something about them that just makes me happy. It doesn’t even really matter what type of market it is — from fashion to food and everything in between – there I’ll be, wandering around with a big goofy smile on my dial.

Of all the markets on my radar, Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets has to be my favourite. Held at the Carriageworks in Darlington every Saturday from 8am to 1pm, this place bursts with vibrancy, colour and activity. Not to mention the dogs (oh, the dogs) – this place is a canine-lover’s heaven!

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