travel fatigue


Sydney Central Station

Too much travel lately, methinks. I am teetering on the edge of utter exhaustion. Just a week home with my Lucy, and I have had to beetle off again for another exhibition. Not whining, though, I do love my work and it is that passion that keeps me going, but my body is protesting. The autoimmune is being disagreeable again.

I am now in Newcastle, for the This is Not Art Festival 2013. I shall be exhibiting with Critical Animals at The Lock Up Cultural Centre, so if you are in the area, do drop by for the exhibition and there will be an artist’s talk on 5 October too! OK, so the folks at the Lock Up misspelled my name on the page, and I have now been named “Down Joy.” (How difficult is it to spell “Dawn”?) A friend of mine remarked that getting someone’s name wrong like that is an insult, and the same thing happened at an event in Hong Kong in 2012, where not only my name was spelled wrongly but they failed to update the new title of my paper being presented. Anyhow, at this moment, I don’t really care, I am far too tired to bother with the nitty gritty of someone else’s shoddy work. My ego is not affected in the same way as the majority of neurotypical society’s, my irritation is mainly triggered by lack of proper organisation and/or slipshod work, and I don’t even have the energy to be irritated now. I am quite spent. At least the listing on the Critical Animals page is spelled correctly. Ah well.

The ride up to Newcastle in the Greyhound Bus was ok, the only awful incident was my visit to the loo. Somebody had failed to activate the pedal flush. Enough said. I am still trying to wipe the image and smell off my sensory library in the mind, as well as the resultant nausea from the entire experience. Anyhow, I am most relieved to report that the hotel room (Hotel Novocastrian) is lovely – by that, I mean basic, clean, and an ensuite all to myself. (No more sharing bathrooms and hallways with awful filthy travelers! You can read about it here and here!)

Lunched at a twee little cafe across the road from The Lock Up, “We Wok, We Roll” – the mee goreng (Indonesian style fried noodle) was surprisingly good! Then my body went into shutdown and I crashed into bed for much of the early afternoon. A refreshing walk along the beach at around 4pm was in order. I indulged in a Cornetto – at AU$3.20 a pop, it was an indulgence all right! The water was cold, I could feel my ankle bones shuddering and my muscles cramping from the shock – very unlike the warm waters in the tropics. Even the sand was cool underfoot, unlike the scalding hot tropical sand I am so used to. The difference is the searing sunlight – I managed to get mild sunburn on my cheeks, despite liberal applications of sunblock factor 50!

Dinner was a dire effort to save money, of course. Where did my $100 go, anyway? Cup noodles, sardines and creamed corn. Recoil, all ye foodies out there, this is the very bottom line!

This morning, I awoke at 5-ish to a blaze of crimson in the sky. I rushed down to the beach to try and catch a photo of the beautiful sunrise, but was too late. Breakfast was just as dire. Shaved ham and tortilla wrap with a slathering of creamed cheese dip. Yes, I am running out of creative ideas.

I am lazing in the room, still feeling lethargic, trying to rev up the old creaky engine. Will probably go out and spend some money on a vegetarian lunch at the Thai cafe down the road – I need vegetables! Setting up the exhibit at the Lock Up this afternoon. See you there!


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