night & day

Yes, Cole Porter’s song, “Night & Day” is one of the songs I like singing to my Lucy girl. She seems to like being sung to by mum, so I have one fan there, anyway. OK, so I’m missing my baby. A lot. But work calls. Remember how your parents used to tell you (if they ever did) how they have to neglect you because they need to work to feed you? A little deja vu here, huh? Yes. Well, I am glad my girl is in the good hands of trainer, Gayl O’Grady, and enjoying being the Diva Princess of the pack, with her knights in waiting, Lenny and Ty. It’s always better for mums of fur babies to miss their babies more than the other way around, because fur babies, like toddlers, have no concept of time, and they will not understand that mum will be coming home soon, so they feel anxious, stressed and abandoned.

The moon was a little shiny crescent last night. It reminded me of my obsession with the moon, a few years back, and my fascination for Pierrot Lunaire (the sad, enigmatic clown character in Schoenberg’s masterpiece of the same name). Here is a little video excerpt of the Christine Schafer version of the wonderfully compelling and haunting work:

Well, it’s a new day today, and this morning, I woke up at exactly 5.30am, the usual time that Miss Lucy wakes me up every morning. I guess my body clock is readjusting at last, after the sensory adventure threw the process into disarray. (I was doing fine adjusting during the first two days before the sensory attackers arrived!)

A lot to do today. Will need to gather some necessities, I’ve run out of food for one, and the other problem I am facing is the terribly uncomfortable bed with two broken springs poking into my already painful back, and the ugly squidgy pillow. I cannot buy a new bed, but I will go downtown and see if I can find a decent pillow. Sleep is important, especially when on a working trip. I am learning how to prioritise now. Then I shall go foraging in the park for added material for my installation and stage setting. I want to weave into my setting some of my own experiences and reactions to the surrounding environment and spaces. The back is improving a little. I should also pop into Boot’s for some topical relief, I am so loathe to take those diclofenac pills I have with me.

Good luck, Bunny! Go, go, Bunny Power!

And for good measure, the Cole Porter song, Night & Day.

Have a marvelous day, everyone. 🙂


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