I woke up this morning at 2am, and have been up since. It is now 8.30pm and I am dizzy with exhaustion. Someone in the other little apartment along the corridor is making noises that sound like furniture being dismantled. I am not very disturbed just yet, though I do hope this does not continue for too long. I collected my boxes, and after the taxi dropped me off at the entrance to the apartment complex, I donned my Super Bunny mantle and single handedly lugged the two boxes 50metres across the walkway, and then up three storeys to my room. Before you say it’s a cinch, listen to this: I did it with a terribly painful back (an old injury that flares whenever I exert, and that part hasn’t yet recovered from the grueling 25 hour journey, most of which was sitting cramped in the cabin of the aeroplane. On top of that, my wrists are swollen. Not at all funny. 😛

Anyhow, I did it. And to reward myself for the monumental effort, I opened the tin of Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie, and baked it up in the oven for lunch. The pastry wasn’t quite fluffy enough, I took it out a tad too soon, but there was a couple in the lounge area discussing their project and I just didn’t want to make small talk. Now, that old injury in my back is worse than ever. It was quite an ordeal in concentration to focus on the speaker at the afternoon talk I attended because the pain was screaming loud.

It’s almost 9pm now and I really should go to bed. I miss my Princess.


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