folly or naiveté?

I know, I know, I should have booked straight into an ensuite room and saved myself this debilitating nightmare. A literal case of “penny wise, pound foolish,” since I am now in the UK! 🙂 I am not sure if it was folly or just naiveté, or a simple combination of the two. I am a poor scholar, who has not managed to clinch a grant for this trip, and who has had to scramble around in abject panic to find funding this time around. I assumed (wrongly) that this being a conference consisting of academics and researchers, they would all have at least some semblance of decorum, consideration and personal hygiene. Not that I thought academics are genteel saints, but some basics should apply, especially since they may not wish to create a poor impression for themselves. Non? Non. This couple is amazingly appalling. It is 5.30am and they are now up and about, stomping around the hallway, slamming doors, splashing water all over the bathroom, not just the sink or bath tub (yes, I have hyper hearing, remember? I know what water sounds like and the different tones it produces when it hits different surfaces), talking loudly as if it were cocktail hour, throwing open their windows with grand flourish, hacking and spitting with even more vim, verve and vigor, and god alone knows why shuffling around in the hallway!

Just ten pounds difference a night would’ve saved me from this horrible and painful attack. Why did I even assume that humans would behave with decency? Don’t I ever learn from vast experience? Apparently, this is an Aspie trait. We are eternal naive creatures, and not very good at interpreting statistics or disaster prevention of this kind. Beside, at the time of booking, I hardly had money at all to pay the bill, let alone pay ten pounds more per night for an ensuite. Add to that, there is a deeply entrenched guilt that many like me have acquired through the years, living among less sensorially alert and less detail focused ‘normal’ folks, that we are somehow being prissy princessy or spoilt bratty because of our sensitivity. “Just suck it up, this is life!” is what has been drummed into my head, brainwashed into believing that I was being deliberately deviant in some way or other. Again. Who lacks empathy here?????

Hacking. And. Spitting. Continues. Meantime, I hear clattering sounds, like someone hitting an object on a metal surface. I would upload a recording, but it is just too graphic and horrifying.

Time to pack up and request for an upgrade into an ensuite. Regardless of what the guilt demon is whispering in my ear.


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