contrast & variation

The saga continues. What else, for BunnyHopscotch?

It was a lovely brisk morning. I emerged from my room out into the sunshine at 7am. I just wanted to get away from the pair of them and the escalating noise coming from their room. I met a lovely lady who was attending another conference running at the same time. We chatted about autism and hypersensory issues, and it was ever so refreshing and encouraging to meet someone who truly understands! I won’t go into further detail because I want to protect my new friend’s privacy, as she so deserves, but I have to mention that this meeting changed the direction of my morning from one of negative sensory assault to positive sensory effort. Yes, there is a huge difference between one kind of stressor and another kind. The negative onslaughts are horrible and worthless wastes of time and energy, except to provide comedic fodder for future creative theatre, I guess. The positive efforts are still efforts, but they are worth the energy expanded because I gain from them good things. I learn, I discover, and I meet new friends, as I also advocate.

Breakfast was yummy – I had the same thing again, but of course, though with one variation. Can you spot which? Then I went back for more, because I just couldn’t walk past the parma ham without at least a tiny bite or too!

Then upon returning to my room, the fire alarm suddenly sounded. This is a very very deafening one! Everyone in the building evacuated. I actually jumped down three steps to overtake a lady who was taking her sweet time to go down the stairs and she was right in the middle of the thoroughfare without leaving room for anyone to pass. Ouch, it hurt my joints, but I was so stressed by the decibel level of the alarm that I acted on impulse to get away. Almost everyone was outside. I didn’t see the party people though. When the all clear was given, we streamed back into our various rooms. The couple who created the sensory assault last night and this morning had stayed in their room! The man came out yelling loudly, “SOMEBODY PRESSED THE ALARM! SOMEBODY PRESSED THE ALARM!” repeatedly. Nobody understood what he was saying, so we all just retreated into our rooms. He gave me a huge glare and scowl, and he stared angrily at me, as I closed the door to my room. Now, I wonder, what was it I have done to provoke his majesty’s ire? Sigh.

Back inside my room, after having to endure a bit more of the annoying noise making by the couple, who were joined by their party friends, all settled into peace and relative quiet when they left. I opened the full cream vanilla yoghurt that I’d brought in from the breakfast spread, chucked a lot of raspberries inside, and had my second breakfast! Very calming and invigorating indeed.

Mentally revving up for the conference to begin soon…

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