weekend treat

yummy gozleme!

yummy gozleme!

Spring has sprung here. At last. I was becoming quite insane from the sensory pain of the cold. Yes, yes, it never really gets too cold in Sydney, but I have hypersensitivity and no money for heating, get it? Anyhow, it is warm now. Even indoors. Well, not warm indoors, but nicely cool. No more pain. Yay!

Strolled through the Paddington Markets again with Lucy – we do this every weekend. Since I will be away in the UK for the next three weeks, we said a temporary goodbye to our friends there. I love the sights, sounds and smells of Paddington Markets, despite the crowds, I somehow manage to get above the sensory abrasion of walking through the throngs, and hit the enjoyment button. 🙂 I bought a new stainless steel giant sized doggy feeding bowl and two extra large beef chews from the Bowhouse. For Lucy when she goes to board with her trainer, a nice new bowl and some treats to share with the other doggies. I have been using a cooking pot for Lucy all this while. It is time I got her something decent at last. And as a treat to myself, I bought a $9 Turkish Gozleme takeaway – vegetables and cheese. Greasy. But Yum!


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