A somewhat meandering musing on the colour black.

I find it really strange that, while women everywhere seem to gravitate towards wearing black, black, and more boring black, the colour is nevertheless shunned in so many other dimensions of life.

Black – naturally dark – complexions in the human race has been and still is considered somewhat less desirable. Every culture seems to have a variation of that prejudice. All pet shelters report that black dogs and cats are harder to re-home. And food that is black is far less popular than the red, orange, yellow, green hued.

I utterly dislike that people are so lacking in imagination and style that they feel safer dressing only in black. Black should be worn with bright dashes and accents of colour. Wearing all black all the time is boring and speaks volumes about the wearer’s lack of confidence. most of the time. However, I do love black. Lucy is a black dog. While I do confess it is a never ending job that requires some care and effort, when her coat is well cared for, she shines like a jewel, and feels like silky velvet to the touch. I will not exchange her colour for anything else. She is my beautiful black girl.

Black is also the colour of soy sauce – in various hues and shades with subtle differences in taste. A staple flavouring in Asia. I cooked a huge pot of soy sauce chicken drumsticks, but haven’t managed to finish it all. This is my valiant attempt at a variation on the same theme. My last few meals before I head for the fish and chips in Oxford!

And to finish off the musing on the colour black, here is a Berio arrangement of one of my favourite songs, sung by the effervescent Cathy Berberian.



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