Ninja Pup strikes again

Yesterday was the RSPCA cupcake day. I picked up four mini cupcakes on the way home from working all morning at the art studio, from a young lady selling them out of the front porch of one of the shops along Oxford Street, Paddo. I deliberately left out the chocolate ones, just in case. A good decision!

Lunch was a simple cheap frankfurter and cheese spaghetti. I ate two cupcakes and they were delish, so I saved the other two for later. I barricaded the tray with all kinds of things, I was sorting out the clothes and jewellery etc for my upcoming garage sale this Saturday. Then, I left the room for a short while to fetch the screw driver for the cheap and nasty clothes rack from the Reject Shop, which just collapsed under the weight of my clothes. The plastic fittings just snapped and the entire rack crumbled. So much for cheap stuff. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

When I got back, I saw Miss Lucy licking her lips – she had managed to reach over all the barricades, and gobble up the two remaining cupcakes without upsetting a single thing! Not a hair out of place. Ninja Pup strikes again! And the cheek of the pup, she even asked for more! A nice giggle for a stressful, busy day. And I am glad I didn’t buy the chocolate ones too.


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