risible frustration

I still have not received my ticket. Yup. Hysterical farce. The store manager informed me that I will have to wait until the 21 August. Well, at least there is a date to look forward to. But my BIG question is, why does it take this long just to have a ticket issued? When I book online, I get my e-ticket within a few seconds after payment has been approved. I can reserve my seat and choose my special meal immediately following. I can return and make changes if I so wish too. So, what’s the issue here? Mind boggling! Now, I cannot reserve my seat, I cannot order my special meal, I cannot even link my ticket to my Krisflyer because of some stupid anomaly in the order in which my name is printed in the ticket! DAMN!

In this day and age, I cannot understand why anyone who possesses a credit card with sufficient credit, and who is computer savvy, would want to use a travel agent to book anything at all! I was all the more stupid to do so. Ah, but I panicked – never panic.

And never (never, never, never!) use a travel agent ever again. These are for neurotypical humans who actually like the human social interaction, all the to-ing and fro-ing, and do not mind the inconveniences of having to wait forever for a simple procedure to be performed. And all that, is IF one does not encounter a lazy, evasive, incompetent agent who won’t bother to try and get you a good deal, and who will not bother to read whatever information you send to her about your requirements. Jeez! OK, I do apologise for the never ending rant, but hey, this is my blog, and hey, I still haven’t got my ticket yet, what do you expect an over anxious, meticulously efficient Aspie chick to do? Relax and chill out by the pool with a bunch of bikini clad friends? No way. Inefficiency and ridiculously unnecessary hindrances can cause ulcers in someone like me. And it has. Literally! Welcome to the world of the Aspie.

I was already battling a mild viral infection before this comedy of errors, but I was on the road to recovery. Well, triggered by this little experience with the travel agent and the wonders of booking a ticket through a travel agency, the autoimmune flared up big time,  and sent me into a state of regression. Which includes a high level of pain. Not pleasant at all.

To help me get over this frustration and suppress as much as possible that horrible feeling of nauseating anxiety wrapped around me, I have been cooking again.

Five spice salt baked chicken drumsticks.

Vegetarian mung bean vermicelli stir fry.

Sweet potato with five spice and paprika baked fries.


Frozen strawberry and yoghurt crush.

And of course, I mustn’t forget my lovely hound, who has helped me so much! No room for despair when one looks into those eyes, and when one is kissed and hugged and cuddled by this magnificent yet goofy loving creature!

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