online grocery shopping

groceries online @ Harris Farm Direct!

groceries online @ Harris Farm Direct!

Grocery shopping here in Sydney without a car at one’s disposal can be a huge challenge. Especially when one is less than physically robust. There is only that much I can safely carry up and down the bus. After that time I was sandwiched by the closing doors at the exit, clutching a heavy trolley full of precious groceries dangling outside the bus was a frightening experience. So, I often have to resort to expensive online deliveries. I have used the Coles one regularly for some time now. Aldi does not do deliveries – if you want cheap, you just have to do it on the cheap. Woolies had a first time delivery fee waiver so I took advantage of it to order a whole lot of stuff. But Harris Farm Direct has been by far the best in terms of good service, prompt delivery, and super fresh veggie. I cannot afford to eat organic, so supporting local produce as much as I can is the next best thing. And Harris Farm does try to source from local producers.

Today I received my second delivery. Mostly greens. The pumpkin is for Lucy. We will share the sweet potato and banana. I love their bean sprout too. The last pack I had was super fresh! Thank you, Harris Farm!

(P.S. Harris Farm Direct is having a three time delivery fee waiver for the month of August! Be quick!!!)


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