bland diet

I am unwell. Mild fever for several days running now, and the autoimmune ulcers have kicked in too. The aches and pains are now like a grand Bach Cantata of course. Blegh!

My poor baby had runny tummy last night too. I suspect she may have caught my viral bug – dogs do catch things from their humans. I had runny tummy a few days ago, and my tum still hasn’t quite fully recovered since the gastritis. The little girl woke me up in the middle of the night last night and wanted to go out. I let her out into the backyard but after going round and round sniffing and attempting to relief herself, she didn’t quite do it, and she wanted to go outside. So I threw on my jacket, shoes and her harness and off we went into the dark, cold night. She walked a longish distance before she finally found a place that met her requirements, and she disposed of a large, noisy and runny load. Then off she went again, seeking a place for two very long pees. We got home, I wiped her clean and told her to jump into bed, while I headed for the loo myself. But she won’t go to bed without me this time (she usually does) and waited by the kitchen door until I came back. She also wanted to be ‘carried’ back into bed, but I couldn’t lift her, so I pretended to do so by hugging her tight and leading her back to bed. She jumped in herself, thankfully, as soon as I got into bed. I gave her a gentle massage all over and a soft tummy rub, and she finally fell asleep. Poor baby! She didn’t wake me at our usual time this morning either, she was so tired, it was I who woke her an hour after our usual time.

I was suffering from a mild fever all day, despite the panadol, and although the temperature was pretty warm today, I was feeling cold, shivery and achey all day. Blustery wind too! Well, so we both had bland dinners today. I cooked fish and sweet potato for the Princess, which she devoured with gusto. She patiently waited in the kitchen, crouched in her Greyhound Sphinx position, watching me intently throughout without a whimper or whine. I had to wait till the food cooled before giving it to her, and though I knew she was getting really impatient, she didn’t move a muscle. Good girl! I myself had rice vermicelli with leftovers. The sweet potato water didn’t go to waste – I added some castor sugar to the water and voila! there was a simple version of an old traditional Chinese concoction for tummy upsets! Of course, I should have used rock sugar and added more delicious stuff to the sweet dessert like brew, but I am satisfied with this simplified variation. It was very soothing for my autoimmune mouth ulcers too. Two very full girls now. 😀

Oh dear… I’ve left the washing outside, pinned securely so they won’t blow away in the gusty winds, but I am so exhausted from nothing at all, and am loathe to have to go out to retrieve the washing… grrr!!!


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