A post in Oscar’s Law‘s Facebook page left me lost for words and grasping in the dark to find a name for the emotion that it triggered. My brain came to a frozen, stupified halt. I tried to create a coherent sentence in response but couldn’t even manage gibberish. This is Australia. Why is this happening here?

It will remain legal to shoot puppy factory dogs or use blunt force trauma, the word ‘humane’ has not been defined in the code and it needs to be, we do not accept Minister Walsh definition of what is ‘humane’ and we certainly do not accept the puppy farmers definition !
Dogs will be confined for 23 hours a day, they have been given an extra 30 minutes outside their cage in this code, BIG DEAL!! Its not good enough !!
Please take the time to view the RSPCA Vic draft submission here and use it as a guide to lodge your own submission.

– From Oscar’s Law, Facebook post 8 August 2013.

The attached link in that post is a submission from the RSPCA. Click here to read it in detail. I am too overwhelmed to say any more about this.

RSPCA Victoria analysis of the July 2013 public consultation draft of the
Victorian Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments (which covers dogs and cats)


4 thoughts on “frozen

  1. I ‘liked’ your post because I absolutely agreed with your message. It’s disgusting that animals can be treated this way, and as an animal lover it breaks my heart every time I see something like this.

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