Bowhouse @ Paddo

Bowhouse @ Paddo

This morning, Miss Lucy did a whole lot of poo. I only had 3 poo bags with me. So, when she did a 4th one, I panicked. I began to hunt around for large leaves to wrap the large blob of poo in. I saw a youngish woman dressed in black (why do women like black so much anyway?) walking along the path towards us and looking at us. I looked away and continued with my leaf-search. I found one and covered the poo with it, and was looking for another one, when that woman walked by, and I heard her shrill nasal voice say, “You’d better pick that up!” Again, I was slow to react. An Aspie trait that I personally dislike. I was also frazzled and angry, another Aspie trait that I wish I didn’t have. Both are trigger reactions at situations where I am faced with unsolicited, unexpected and confrontational or forced social interaction. It is as if all my years of self-intervention and social training just fizzles away in an instant, and there I am, my mind a jumbled mess of whirling white noise. Often, it has taken me days, and even months, to process these kinds of unpleasant encounters, depending on the complexities of the situation and the people and relationships involved. But this time, before that nasty woman was out of earshot, I managed to retort as loudly as my constricted vocal chords would allow, “But of course!” and then, less loudly and more squeakily (because I was already almost choking), “BITCH!”

I will not analyse this woman’s motives. It doesn’t matter in this case. What matters to me, despite the bitter taste and foul smell of the event still lingering in my sensory sphere, is that this time, I stood up for myself, and managed a retort. I hope she heard it. But even if she didn’t, I am proud of myself. For an Aspie, this is a little victory. Sounds strange, that someone who comes across as so socially confident would be unable to process this kind of simple spontaneous interactional situation. But welcome to the world of autism. And no, I have no qualms about calling that woman a “bitch” – apart from a tinge of guilt at using a description normally meant to refer to a female dog. I apologise to the dogs.

By the way, a good person, who truly cared about what was transpiring, would’ve stopped to offer me a bag, which was what another woman did on a previous occasion. If you’re very bothered about something you see, act on it positively – otherwise, shut up and walk away! Anyhow, regardless of neurological make up or social structure, that rude woman this morning is a pathetic creature.

P.S. Instead of posting a photo of Lucy’s poo (which I do have), I decided it would be a nicer visual image to post a photo for Lucy’s favourite pet supplies shop, the Bowhouse, which happens to be along one of our usual daily walking routes in Paddo. That amazing wall painting was done by artist Mr.G, of his doggy Honeygurl.


6 thoughts on “retort

  1. I smiled when I read your story. I can connect with not having enough poo bags. I always carry 4-5 now. I have learned that my dog Annie may do more than I expect. 🙂 Stay strong.

    • Thank you! I’ve switched the Princess to a cheaper food than what she was on before, she is now having the Canidae Grain-Free dry food, which seems to produce a huge volume of poo. I’ll remember to carry a lot more bags with me from now on. Actually, the leaves were probably a lot more environmentally friendly, I do feel bad about using so much plastic, but ah well! 😀

  2. I remember reading the posts where you took on Lucy as a foster and then later decided to keep her. It is lovely development to see how she has become such an integrated part of your life!

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