get up and go!

come on, mumma, come play!

come on, mumma, come play!

Miss Lucy woke me up an hour earlier again today. I am not sure exactly why she has been doing this, it may be the earlier dinners, perhaps? She has been asking to be fed at 4.30pm instead of the usual 5.30pm, and strangely, she wakes me up exactly 12 hours later! Hmmm, maybe i should do some research on doggy biorhythms? I guess I really should go to sleep earlier then. My body tells me, “You’re tired, you need to sleep!” at around 8.30pm, I retort, “No way, it’s far too early, I’m going to surf the net and just dawdle for a bit first!” and I end up falling asleep with my Macbook Pro open on my lap. I wake up again at around 12am to shut it down and then really snuggle into bed. By then, Princess has snorted at me, tried to nudge away the laptop and given up (depending on who wins that night) and slipped into a healthy doggy slumber. Sometimes she does dream, but that is no excuse for me to stay awake. Bad Bunny! Stop making excuses for bad habits!

So, this post by Lazy Girl Fitness today made me chuckle. NO EXCUSE! OK, so I cannot do most of what she prescribes, I wish I could, but her post made me chuckle at the bald truth it presented! Well, I have an autoimmune condition, and the doc’s orders are to take it where my body allows – which is an excuse many people with illnesses use not to exercise at all. This includes me, in the past, I would use this excuse not to do anything, because each time I tried (bicycle, treadmill etc) I would be rewarded with an arthritic flare for stressing my joints. Yes, I am not very smart, am I? Sudden exercise is not the answer, I know, but I did that on whims of vanity, because I felt too fat! Not a good reason at all. So, I stayed away from exercise after each mishap, using those bad experiences as excuses. Until I was struck with such a huge arthritic flare triggered by an extremely stressful situation, which rendered me in excruciating pain and unable to walk without the aid of a walking stick for 3 months. OK, that really sucked. At the time, I was living at home, and my doc suggested aqua therapy. Being desperate, I complied. I ordered the aqua-robic gear and got to work, slowly building up, and with great determination to succeed. This time, it wasn’t vanity, it was survival. I needed to walk again. Voila! Perseverance paid off. It helped that I had a lovely tropical pool just a few steps away from my patio, very private, with nobody using it in the day except one other resident.

Right, I know I am digressing here but I just have to describe this other resident who was (and probably still is) a regular feature at the pool. A skinny sour-faced woman who fancied herself the most important person in our condominium residence and went around either telling people what not to do, ordering the staff around as if they were idiots and she was the M’am Sahib in the old colonial days (what era is she living in? and she is Jewish mind you, how Colonial British is that?) or invading people’s space at the pool (if you happen to get there first at her favourite spot, she will remove your things, push them aside and plonk herself there without any warning or polite request to share!). That pool is lovely, regardless, and so I began to view her presence as an ironic blot in the landscape, not without some amusement, after my initial Aspie anxiety alarm at her noxious behaviour! (Laughable, pathetic and really quite sorry.)

OK back to the point. I no longer have access to such a private and lovely pool, I hate public pools, I have a terrible sensory phobia for public pools and public bathrooms, so even though I have my aqua gear with me here, I have never used a pool. So, Lucy has become an important part of my life in every way – not just emotionally and mentally, but also physically. She makes sure I get up and go, NO EXCUSES, mumma! And guess what, it works. I haven’t had a serious arthritic flare for over year, not since she came into my life and forced me to walk at least one hour a day!


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